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    Your Android.
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    for monitoring your phone. (*Android version 2.3+)
    User-defined report interval, 'follow me' mode, remote commands,
    location history and much more!
    All this info viewable in a user-friendly tracking webpage.
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    Personal Tracker
    So you don't own an Android...
    We've got you covered!
    State of the art Personal Tracker for monitoring your kids or your elderly
    with voice call capabilities, fall detection, panic button,
    silent call (hear the surroundings), remote control and much more
    All this info viewable in a user-friendly tracking webpage.
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Welcome to Monkino. A Security and Geolocation Services Company

We specialize in Geolocation Services with a strong emphasis on security. In today's troubled world people and assets security is a common concern.
We can help you with that!
Your loved ones. Your assets. Tracked. Always.

You can even make a career of it by working with us and becoming an Independent Business Partner selling our services and products!

About Us

Tracking for Security and a Business oportunity.

We're not just another location based services company. We aim to provide quality services and without sugar coating it, make a profit while doing it!

What sets us apart is that we're willing to share that profit with our partners. We've developed compreensible business plans that allow our Independent Business Partners, people highly driven by a desire to succeed, to achieve that desired lifestyle, that they so much deserve.


Register to become an IBP and start a new career!

Pre-registration provides you with all the information needed to become an Independent Business Partner. The information is sent to you to the email you provide below so please be sure to enter the correct email address.

After reading all the provided information you can then login to your account and complete your registration. Should you choose not to complete the registration all the information you provided is automatically deleted after 5 days.

If on the other hand you are just interested in our tracking products and services please contact us via email and tell us your specific needs.

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  • Since my father was diagnosed Alzheimer My Monkino™ was the best solution I could find to stop worrying so much. Now I can monitor him and always know where he is.

    Linda Fisher

  • With almost every day news of kidnapped or missing children safety of my own became a constant worry. Since I've installed Monkino Trackit™ on their phones I feel much safer because I always know where they are.

    Lois Turner

  • I was able to significantly improve customer service as well as cut down fuel costs in my company. With Monkino Trackit™ I can maintain control over my commercial and tech support crews and deploy them quicker to my customers. With Monkino Fleet™ I also control my fleet by always knowing their location. I get overspeeding alerts as well as scheduled tasks reminders which allows me to reduce accidents and cut down costs. Monkino services are indeed an added value to my company.

    Carlos Rivera

Our Services

Gain ease of mind by subscribing to our services.
With us everything that is important to you is protected be it in your home or your company.


Monkino Trackit™

Personal tracking with an Android application installed in your phone. Know 24/7 where your loved ones are from anywhere in the world.

My Monkino™

Personal tracking for people with reduced mobility, children or people living alone (this device comes with a built-in g-sensor that enables the person in charge to be notified in case of a fall).

Monkino Fleet™

Track your vehicles and protect them against theft or unauthorized use. You can even turn the vehicle off remotely.


Business solutions

Monitor your employees activities by their coorporate phones - Monkino Trackit™ - or by their personal locators - My Monkino™. Always know where they are and deploy your human resources more efficiently.

Fleet tracking

Take control of your fleet by always knowing their location, speed, mileage, schedule maintenances, amongst a wealth of other useful reports.

Monkino Pet™

Does your pet run away often? Discovering your pet's location is one SMS away!

Our Products

The products that back up our solutions.
Criteriously chosen from proven world class suppliers.


Vehicle Tracker

Very compact size
Easy mounting and configuring
Integrated 3G/GSM module
High quality GNSS module
Integrated scenarios:
Authorized driving
Online/Offline tracking
High capacity internal memory (16MB)
Low energy consumption
Sleep/Deep sleep function
Virtual odometer
Remote Configuration
2 input/output hardware configurations fit any requirements

Advanced Personal Tracker

New generation advanced personal tracker
GPS Sensitivity -160dBm, 50-channels
Dual-band (optional)
Internal memory 1Mb
Micro USB connector

Mobile Personal Tracker

Android application for monitoring your phone
Small battery footprint
Location by GPS, GSM antennae, Wifi
Location history

Pet tracker

Tracking via SMS or GPRS
On demand location acquisition
Current location report
Tracking by time interval
Geo-Fence Alarm
Removable and rechargeable internal battery

Contact Us

We are at your service for any information you need.


Your feedback is important to us!
Please use any the of emails provided on the right for any questions you might have for us.

We'll do our best to reply as soon as possible. Please note that our office hours are 09:00 - 18:00 GMT on business days.

support@monkino.com For support inquiries on our products and services
info@monkino.com For information inquiries on our products and services
accounting@monkino.com For accounting inquiries
sales@monkino.com For sales inquiries